Irradiant is hiring!

The ability to pattern arbitrary 3D structures on the nanometer scale offers unprecedented control over photons, phonons, and electrons, which in turn has the potential to revolutionize almost every aspect of modern technology. Implosion Fabrication can realize this revolution. As featured in Science Magazine, NIH, and CNN, Implosion Fabrication allows for ultrafast and affordable 3D assembly of mixed materials. Assemblies can include a wide range of materials in any geometry with nanoscale precision and gradient control.

The possible applications of this technology are nearly limitless. Sub-wavelength structuring of optical materials enables the creation of flat metaoptics that outperform traditional bulk optics and that can compress complex optical functions into a single nanometer scale film. Complete three dimensional control of nanoscale multi-material structures makes it possible to create integrated optical circuits with unique optical components. Potential applications extend beyond optics, including the use of nanostructures to separate the transport properties of phonons and electrons for energy harvesting and thermal management technologies. Other possibilities include ultrahigh density data storage, implantable biointerfaces, mechanical metamaterials, nanolaser and nanoantenna arrays, and more.

At Irradiant Technologies we are building a core team of creative and passionate people with the skills to turn these possibilities into reality. By joining us you will have the opportunity to play a large role in shaping the culture, operations, and trajectory of an early stage startup. We have garnered early stage support from the Activate Fellowship, the E14 Fund, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, the Department of Energy, DARPA, the US Navy, and the National Science Foundation, and we are poised to grow rapidly and start making an impact.

Irradiant Technologies is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive team free from discrimination or harrassment. We encourage candidates of any race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status to apply. Applicants with a disability are encouraged to contact us with any requests for accommodation.

Current Positions:

Photonic/Optical Engineer

Position overview:

The ideal person will have a poetic fondness for the idea that light can be harnessed to fabricate optical structures. As the first photonics engineer at Irradiant you would lead the use of our Implosion Fabrication process to push the boundaries of what was thought possible in photonic devices. You will collaborate closely with other engineers, chemists, and materials scientists to design, simulate, and prototype novel photonic systems with arbitrary 3D structuring of refractive index gradients at sub-wavelength resolutions. Possible devices include metalenses and multi-layered metaoptics, low-loss optical interconnects, complete bandgap photonic crystals, optical neural networks, 3D GRIN optics like a spherical Luneberg lens and more. These components can be directly integrated with waveguides, resonators, lasers, filters, and even electronic and semiconductor devices, which all together can create computers and optical telecommunications systems that work at the speed of light. Additionally, through this work you will have the opportunity to utilize a powerful supercomputing cluster to greatly accelerate simulation times and exploit novel inverse design and topology optimization methodologies.

Your expertise and enthusiasm will be crucial to help shape the culture and operational best practices of a small but quickly growing startup.

Ideal candidates will be able to demonstrate:

  • Expertise in photonics and optics

  • Previous experience with the design and characterization of functional photonic devices

  • Expertise in electromagnetic simulation techniques, such as FDTD or FEA

  • Experience with optical characterization and optical bench techniques

  • Ability to implement inverse design techniques for the optimization of photonic structures

  • Ability to work with an interdisciplinary team

Colloid Chemist

Position Overview:

As a colloidal chemist you will play a key role in expanding the library of materials usable in the Implosion Fabrication process. You will be responsible for synthesizing, functionalizing, and characterizing nanoparticles from a variety of materials, including metals, metal oxides, chalcogenides, and carbon nanomaterials. You will work closely with other chemists and materials scientists on the team to optimize the nanoparticles and surface functionalization for the Implosion Fabrication process and the desired properties of the end product. You will also be responsible for scaling up these processes for product manufacturing, as well as performing metrology and creating impeccable documentation for other members of the team to follow and replicate your results.

Your expertise and enthusiasm will be crucial to help shape the culture and operational best practices of a small but quickly growing startup.

Ideal candidates will be able to demonstrate:

  • Deep experience with colloidal synthesis for applications (i.e. catalysis, quantum dots, photography, surface coatings, inks, plasmonics, etc.)

  • Expertise in colloidal characterization techniques such as SEM, TEM, DLS, UV-Vis spectroscopy, XRD, EDS, zeta potential analyzer, etc.

  • Expertise in colloid functionalization, suspension, and ligand design.

  • Ability to scale up synthesis processes

  • Excitement to work with a diverse array of materials

  • Ability to work collaboratively with an interdisciplinary team